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The Best type of firewood that we sell at Huckleberry Cinders! This mix of Firewood has only 5 species of wood in it. White/Red Oak, Black Locust, Hickory, Black Birch, and American Beech. All of these types of wood (with Red Oak being the fastest burner), will burn and remain an ember for over an hour and a half! The Black Locust, can go well over 2.5 hours in an open fireplace. In a wood stove, with the damper only open a small amount, the ember can last upto 5 hours!!!! Each 1/2 Cord comes with a box (15”x12”x10”) of handsplit hardwood kindling at no extra cost. This mix can be difficult to light, due to it's density, and it will ignite more from heat than it will from flame alone, hence the free kindling.


BULK ORDERS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR LOCAL DELIVERY TO THE FOLLOWING TOWNS IN CONNECTICUT: FAIRFIELD, WESTPORT, WESTON, EASTON, BRIDGEPORT & TRUMBULL. If you are located in Fairfield County, CT in a town not listed, please contact Huckleberry Cinders for a delivery price.

Ultra Mix/Premium - A Grade - BULK WOOD -LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY

  • PRICE OF DELIVERY or DELIVERY/STACKING is calculated on this product page after choosing size of order and location.

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