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  • How long will a small box of wood last?  A large box?
    For a heavy smoke flavor, a small box may give you 2 - 4 uses/meals. If you prefer just an essence of flavor, then a small box could last possibly up to 7 - 8 uses/meals. The more wood that is used, the more intense the flavor. A large box can last for up to 20 uses/meals.
  • How do I use wood for indirect grilling with charcoal?
    Add 4 to 6 wood chunks to a mound of lit charcoal. Replenish as needed (when the smoke ceases to flow).
  • What are the dimensions of a small box? What are the dimensions of a large box?
    A SMALL BOX is 13" x 10" x 4" A LARGE BOX is 18" x 16 " x 12"
  • How do I use wood for direct grilling with charcoal?
    Place 2 to 3 chunks directly on the bed of coals and direct grill the food over them.
  • CHIPS, CHUNKS OR SPLITS? What should I choose?"
    CHUNKS - Smoking Chunks are roughly the size of an apple. They are a preferred size for long duration smoking. Wood Chunks also mix well with charcoal. CHIPS - Chips are hand cut from larger pieces. They range in size from a stick of gum, to a small candy bar. These are good if you are grilling directly over the coals, or if you just want to impart an essence of the wood smoke. SPLITS - Splits are small logs cut in half. Our splits range in size/length from roughly the size of a banana to a large russet potato. They are all over 5 inches in length, with some being a bit longer. These pieces are good for long duration smoking.
  • How can I use smoking wood to grill over a wood fire?
    Fill your chimney starter with wood chunks and light them as you would charcoal. When the embers glow orange, pour them over the bottom of the grill. Insert the grate and you’re direct grilling over wood. Note: wood burns more quickly than charcoal, so you may want to light a second chimney of wood chunks. When direct grilling over wood, always leave your grill open (uncovered)—otherwise, your food will become too saturated with smoke.
  • Do you have to soak the wood before use?
    NO! Soaking your wood chips, chunks and splits isn't necessary. Dry wood is better for producing smoke.
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