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Huckleberry Cinders offers the best local wood in New England for an exceptional smoking and craft barbeque experience.


Our wood varieties include:  Apple, Cherry, Red/Scarlet/Pin &

White Oak, Ash, Hickory, Maple, Birch (Silver/White), and Beech:

Apple wood is very sought after due to its mild, and fruit essences.  It is a hardwood, and has a good burn time.


Cherry wood is also very desirable, as it too is sweet and fruity.  It too is a hardwood, but does not burn as long as the Apple.


Maple wood is a great all around smoking wood.  It burns hot, and has a mild aroma that imparts a mild, rich flavor into the meat/seafood being used.  Harder than the two woods above, but will burn at the same rate.


Oak wood is a neutral wood in that it imparts a good smoky flavor, but it is not as “noticeable” as say a Hickory or Apple, but certainly a good product.  Hardwood, and burns long.


Hickory wood is great for most meats, and game.  It has a strong, very desirable flavor profile.  It is exceptionally hard, and burns long and very hot.


Birch wood, like Oak, are a good neutral wood to use.  The smoke itself is mild, and goes well with Chicken, Duck and Pork too.  The wood is hard, but will burn quicker than some of the other species we offer.


Ash wood is mild, and will impart a subtle flavor.  It is softer than most hardwoods, and therefore will burn faster.


Beech wood is mild as well, but will burn for a long time due to its hardness.  Best for poultry and firmer seafoods.


I taught myself to cook starting at the age of 8, and it has always been one of the things that drives my passion for culinary arts.

I worked very hard at a gourmet fish market when I was younger and eventually made my way all the way up to owner. We expanded into the sale of produce, meats and poultry, all of the highest quality.

Then, I opened a high-end restaurant, focusing on French, Caribbean and Asian cuisines. with an expertly curated wine list.

I have always liked to work with my hands. Chopping firewood has over the last 10 years been a year round passion for me. I love having fires both in and out of my home.

As an active member of my church in beautiful Greenfield Hill, Connecticut, I lead a year round firewood fundraiser.  The proceeds from this endeavor, The Lords Cords, go directly to help the church with their many missions.

Phil P.

Huckleberry Cinders

Owner & Chief Chopping Officer

Image by Abby Anaday
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