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Why Using Raw Wood is better for smoking/grilling!

While it is true that the type of charcoal one purchases definitely will impact the flavor profile of the intended meat/vegetable/seafood by its own smoke, there is really no substitute for the added aroma and taste that adding raw wood will impart. From Apple to Hickory or the neutral species that have there own distinct flavor, any way you smoke it, the outcome will be far more noticeable.

And doing the processing by hand, with minimal use of saws, the product is more suited for burning. The products have natural edges, more angles and shards of wood protruding off the wood making it more likely to burn at even, or designed intent.

This is most evident in the formation of "our style" of Chips. They are all chopped by a small axe, to roughly the size of a small candy bar, and thin like one too. These chips, when added to coals will start to smoke, billow actually before they ignite. This adds a huge amount of smoke in a short time. Which is excellent for things like Steaks, Seafood, or if you are doing a pizza in a Pizza Oven.

More to come in time! Have a great day.

Phil - Huckleberry Cinders


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