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Production is limited for Premium Products.

Hi all!! It's that time of year again where we place our order for firewood. If anyone is interested in the higher end firewood, please contact me directly (203-231-2560) due to limited availability. While I'm working on producing as much as I can, both weather and time constraints make it somewhat of a challenge.

So if you are ready for product, and say it's not available yet, just place a small order of Regular Mix, say a sixth of a cord to hold you over until your desired product is available. I will reserve that choice and get it to you once it's ready.

The premium mixes, or single species lines of firewood are more laborious and time consuming as they have to be done all at once, and kept separate from other mixes. But the end result is a great product of the highest quality. One can always refer to my blog on the specific reasons why some types of firewood are better (or worse) than others.

Looking forward to seeing you all this fall, have a great time until (as well as afterwards) then!

Best Regards,

Phil - Huckleberry Cinders


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