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Now Selling Products at The Pantry, Fairfield

Hi all! I just wanted the local people to know that I am now selling some select items at The Pantry on Post Road in Fairfield. This establishment is amazing, and the staff and Owners work tirelessly to maintain an extremely high level of quality, and safety within the store and with all catered events. Currently they have only a few small bags of Chips in Burlap small bags (Maple, and Red Oak). I will be bringing them some Hickory and Apple this upcoming week. So if you are in the area, and want to get some smoke into their Duroc Pork Chops for example, this is the way to go! I also have a limited supply of some small cans which can be loaded with the chips, and placed into a gas grill to give the smokey flavour into your desired meats/seafood/veggies! Please email me directly at to get your free can with an order of chips. For these small boxes (6"/8"/4"), you will get some small kindling, some paper shreds, and the species of chips you like. For example, if you wanted Cherry Wood/Gas kit - it would run $19.50, the same for Apple it would cost $22.50; and on the lower end (but just as effective for this type of short term cooking), a small box of Ash Wood would be $11.50. So, if you are looking for a quick easy way to get smokey tastes into your chosen food, but don't have a smoker, or an offset charcoal grill, this can get you that flavour.

Thanks, and the smoke roll!


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