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Huckleberry Cinders - Where do we get our wood, and what do we do with it!

We, at Huckleberry Cinders, get our wood in various ways.  The most common (thankfully!!!) is from local tree companies.  To name a few: Corona Tree Service, BCK Arborists, Lewis Tree Company, and more…  The rest we curate ourselves, either from town work where the trunk sections are left on the ground near a job they did, or at one of our customers houses/properties.  If the wood/tree is in good condition, for the most part, we go and cut it down, process it into movable sections/pieces and bring it back to the yard and process it/them into high quality firewood.

We are always looking for high end product(s) to enable us to produce the highest quality firewood possible.  We also know that not all types/species of tree and their wood are the same; in fact there are HUGE differences in them.  When we get a really high quality delivery, or curated wood, we keep that aside from what will ultimately end up in the Regular Mix (that is not to say the Regular Firewood isn’t a quality product, it is, but in order to keep the cost down (ie less labor) we don’t really segregate it), and it gets sorted and stacked with either similar quality materials, or even by that particular species of wood.  

For example, say we get a Bitternut Hickory, and it comes delivered with some vines attached to it, and some obvious signs of rot, we remove the bark as best we can, and when we split it, we put the cores of the rounds into the higher end mixes, and the outer portion will go into the regular mix.  Whereas, if we get a perfect, disease and rot free specimen, it will all go into the premium mixes, or to our packing center to be packed into bags for resale at local gas stations, and other venues..

We also, from time to time will get some lesser quality stuff, and that again is processed and only the good parts will end up in the Regular Mixes, and the sub standard product is given away to anyone that wants to come and pick it up.

Basically, we try to emulate what a farmer might, or does with his crop.  They will sort through the best of the harvest, keep them separate from the “standard”, and sell that product at a higher cost.  We tend to our crop in the same fashion, when the logs are processed, they are stacked neatly and set aside in the sun to dry for the fall “harvest”.  We try our best to keep an eye on the weather, and cover the material when inclement weather is approaching, but generally, nothing beats direct sunlight.

Now, why does our firewood cost more?  Basically, we are in the market range for our Regular Mix, the other mixes (Plus Mix, no Red Maple and Ash; Ultra Mix, only has White/Pin Oak, Black Locust, Beech, Hickory, and Black Birch) we do charge more.  The reason is stated above; all the extra work we put into these mixes.  Keep in mind that all of the above species of wood are HEAVY, and HARD, which makes them more difficult to cut, move, process, which we have to process them separately, or at the very least separate them and stack them in their own locations.  This ultimately equates to higher labor costs, and longer processing times, more gas, as well as general wear and tear on the machinery. Then they are covered year round under translucent tarps, or stored inside a building/greenhouse.  Only the best quality logs make it into these mixes, anything that isn’t perfect ends up in the Regular Mix (which is a major benefit to the quality of the Regular Mix!!).  

The thing to consider is that all of the above mentioned wood burns considerably/noticeably longer than the Regular Mix.  In actuality, the burn time, if equated to dollar amount, is a savings in the long term.  The Ultra Mix will burn for almost 50% longer than the Regular Mix, not to mention, it takes up much less space.  

So, in conclusion, if you are looking for a firewood product that is actually cared for, and brought to market with that care being evident, then we are your source.  I/we have complete understanding if one wants just a basic product, that is cheaper; there is plenty of that out there.  In the end, we want everyone to be happy with whatever choice they make.  

Thank you for your support, and enjoyment of Huckleberry Cinders!   We work very hard to bring the best possible product to market, at the fairest price.


Phil - HuckCinders


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