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Firewood Production at St. Timothy's

The firewood crew and I started production for this years inventory. We have on site, yet to be processed (Cut, split and Stacked - Stored in our wood shed, or wrapped in plastic sitting in the sun to cure) the following types of Firewood: Red and White Oak, Hickory, Black Locust, Black Birch, Maple, Ash and some Cherry. Some of these will be mixed together to be sold as Regular Mixed Firewood, or sold by specific species. We have on site about 40-50 tree trunk sections of the above species, and will be getting more from local tree companies or donations from our Parishioners. Last year we sold over 45 cords, and we are aiming for 65+ this year, so there is a lot of work to be done!

Stay safe, and keep warm!

#Firewood #community #charity

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