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Ironwood, or Hornbeam, or Blue Beech is the real deal when it comes to firewood!  It is incredibly dense, and burns EXTREMELY HOT!  For those who have wood burning stoves, this product is an amazing addition to any mix of hardwood(s) that a person would typically use.  It alone, might even be too hot, so I recommend adding it to a mix of other logs, maybe one log per 4 others.  It is very hard to light due to its density, therefore, please start your fire with plenty of kindling (included here), and get a good bed of coals before using this product.  Stock is limited at this time, but will have more in the coming months!

*** I have made the weight on this box less than it actually is, it is more cost effective this way for the customer***

INSANE FIREWOOD!!! Ironwood/Hornbeam - 10"x10"x10" Box - FreeShipping

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